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Why does Italy keep turning right?
, May 29, 2019

After four days of elections, Europe woke up with a political order that contradicts those who feared a crushing populist and nationalist victory. Parties who have campaigned against Europe didn’t get enough support to carry out the common plan of dismantling the Union from the inside.

By land and by sea: Salvini’s war on immigration
, October 5, 2018

Salvini’s war against immigration is being waged by land and by sea. It is a war against a section of society that makes up over eight per cent of the country’s population.

A change for the worse
, July 5, 2018

Italy is a beautiful country, but very strange indeed. And Italian politics is no exception. After the elections on 4 March this year, it took three months before a new government was sworn in. It has now been a month since the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, vowed on the Constitution at the Quirinale Palace.

Catholic anti-liberalism and Italy’s new populist government
, June 11, 2018

Italy’s new populist government has attracted interest in the USA, and in particular in the small, but active American Catholic anti-liberal and neo-traditionalist minority. There is a perceptible fascination with the new League-Five Star populist government

Italy’s crisis viewed from the year 1992
, June 6, 2018

This crisis has many causes, proximate and deeper. I should like to suggest one perspective from which to examine them, that of Italy’s approach to European political and economic integration. For the events of the past week revolved around euro-zone membership, in more than one way. 

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